History of the Place

After being carefully restored, Palazzo Galletti became a boutique B&B in 2004. The history of this noble palazzo did not begin with the opening of a successful hotel de charme, but it goes back well before present age.

Palazzo Galletti, in the neo-classical style dates back to 1831, thought it included older buildings. It was designed by the architects Vittorio Bellini and Antonio Catelani, for the printer Vincenzo Batelli, to house in a modern chalcography studio. The design was meant for the Batelli's , and specifically for Vincenzo Batelli, businessman and typographer, who would later set there his printing works and foundry, as well as his private house. Yet, from...

Dream Vacations

Located in Florence's historic heart at 12 via Sant'Egidio, Palazzo Galletti B&B is a 10-minute walk to the Duomo and the church of Santa Croce. It is also close to the famous theatres, La Pergola and Verdi.


On entering the 1st floor reception area, from the ancient stairs, you are immediately enveloped by the atmosphere of antiquity with the 17th century altar serving as the reception desk. The young owners have gathered ethnic art from around the world and various pieces adorn the walls, making a surprising yet harmonious blend of classical and ethnic styles. Informal luxury is the keynote of this unusual boutique B&B. Located on the first floor, no lift.